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Blog Archetypes: A Forum By Another Name

April 25, 2010

What is The Ideas Project?

The Idea Project is a collection of articles, videos, links, podcasts and other media that focus on communications and social media. It has videos from experts like Clay Shirky and Chris Anderson, an editor at Wired. You can navigate through various themes (Business/Investing, New Applications, etc.), a list of experts or a Q&A section.

The Ideas Project's Idea Map

What’s the archetype?

It’s not a site I immediately understood. But as soon as I found it, I knew I wanted to write about it. It’s not one element of the site that’s unique; there are other sites that have a question/answer format, a video format, etc. but the combination of all its elements. It’s a lot like a well-moderated open thread on a forum. Community members and experts pop by to give their opinion and answer questions while a lot of other non-members (lurkers) sit on the sidelines and watch the goings-on.

What’s so good about The Ideas Project?

For a site about communication and social media, it’s important to reflect the good qualities of social media (providing interesting links, connecting people) and The Ideas Project does so admirably. The home page is clearly designed to introduce people to the kind of content the site provides and also the newest, highest recommended stuff.

Here’s some content

Last time I wrote a Blog Archetypes post, I put up some samples of articles to illustrate a point. I’m not really doing the same thing here, but in this and future Blog Archetypes posts I’ll give you a few links to stuff I read or watched on the site I’m talking about.

Social networks are a platform for joint creation

The web is evolving into a massive ideas exchange

Real-time connections are “ambient intimacy,” like in a village

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